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are archival Giclee prints. I use the finest ink and paper available so they will never fade. They come protected in a plastic sleeve. 11" x 14" and larger are matted and re-signed on the print (called a remark). Framing is available upon special request.

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Tree Women Series
Some Measure of Wisdom Fulfilling Promise (Summer) In Containment, Mysteries Incubate (Winter) Flurries of Transformation, Flowing Gratitude (Autumn) The Inevitability of Rebirth (Spring)
Future Dreaming Past Present Future Post-ecstatic Leaf Romping Aragorn Prince of Cats Sweet Madrigal
Eyes on the Prize Little Sweetie Frodo My Love Out of the Primordial Ooze Fecundity
Secrets of Nature Bearís Dreamtime Arising Seer Leaves That Have Fallen (unsolicited advice)
Final Celebration Ocean Holiday The Day We felt New Dagger Plant Finding My Way
Within the Eternal Flow Queen Autumn Bright Suddenly, I Felt You Here by Me I Fell in Love With Oregon During The Summer of Love She Succumbs to the Inevitable
Mother Nature I Am Touched By You Surrender Stitching Your Visions and Kindness to My Soul New Yearís Ď97
Beneath the Morning Mist Gentle Winds, Mysterious Horizons Dancing Into Light Somatic Synergy Bliss
Phoenix Standing in Heart Power Hold Your Darkest Self in the Light Goddess Intending Metamorphosis
No Kidding... This Is How I Feel Remove Limitations and Anything Can Happen Changes, New Life Muse-Shapeshifter WOW Ship
Gusty, Lusty September Morning Raga
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