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Artist Statement

Creativity comes from The Creator; I listen and allow myself to be led. Making art is essential to my spiritual path and inner processes. Most of my pictures include images of animals and/or Nature, I am using these subjects as metaphors, either consciously or subconsciously for parts of my Being. My images are both pure expressions of my inner landscape at the moment, and affirmations of what I am intending. At the same time, I am reflecting some aspect(s) of the viewer. I hope to inspire others to see more deeply into themselves, the natural world and to expand their perceptions.

Transformational Art

"When art is not born out of the inner world of the artist, meaning from his/her God self, it is not transformative, it is simply a beautiful piece.
Transformational Art is the kind of art that comes from the depths of the artistís inner Being, a portal leading to other dimensions. It is intimately related with psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, mythology and magic. This kind of art expresses facets of Being that are not visible in our physical world. It emerges from higher, subtle, universal, infinite knowledge. A transformational artist is a visionary, a shaman, a magician, and ultimately an alchemist. The artist transmutes his/her mind, body and spirit and rises beyond the human condition established as normal."
- Unknown author 

My Process

My art has always been spiritual, essential to my path and reflecting my deepest self. This has become much more obvious in my recent work where I have become specifically focused on images of energy and realms beyond the physical world. My paintings are mostly either watercolor or a combination of watercolor with colored pencil, supported by other mediums. I regularly journal, both in words and in drawings. I do spontaneous collages that I donít know what they are about until I later ďreadĒ their hidden meanings. I do a lot of dream work. Ecstatic dance and making music also feed my creative wellspring. With each piece, I like to experiment and stretch beyond what I already know how to do. True creativity is only possible with an attitude of inner freedom.

Over the years, I have employed many different approaches and techniques, depending on the subject and the moment in time. Sparks of inspiration for my paintings have come from a wide variety of sources. I may have been moved by a photograph (anotherís or my own) or an object in the external world. Sometimes I have wished to express a line from a poem, or a dream, an experience I have had, or a memory, a cluster of feelings. Usually, my pieces encompass many layers, a complex web of feelings and ideas. I love getting feedback on what others see, often people pick up on something that I donít realize is in the piece, but is nevertheless accurate.

Some of My Story

Born in 1952, I consider myself very fortunate to have come of age in the 1960ís. There were many fun playthings available at the time to an independent, free-spirited teenager, I took advantage of them all. I am proud to say, I was present to the magic of Woodstock, which catalyzed within me the visionary values for a world based on peace and love.

During my childhood, I revelled in the lush green suburbs of New York. I was, from the earliest age, a lover of nature and art. My Grandmother, who was an artist and my mentor, gave me my first set of professional quality watercolors at age 6. She encouraged my spirit and affirmed my interests. Selma lived in New York City and took me repeatedly to the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim, which were her favorites. I developed a deep appreciation, as well as an understanding, of what visionary and transformational artists express. Of course back then, they were called surrealists, impressionists, and abstract expressionists.

It was only natural that I would attend the High School of Art and Design and later, the School of Visual Arts where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and illustration. The 70ís were a tumultuous time and the college had a radical approach. Art is a communications medium, the school affirmed that artists have an important function in society. Rather than making technique the primary focus, the instructors encouraged us to search for what is deep and totally unique within, that needs to be expressed and to be clear in the expression.

Wilderness has always enraptured me, is an honored and wise teacher, and a great source of inspiration. Through the years of backpacking in the wilds by myself, I discovered hidden cycles, secrets and magic there. Expressing what is beneath the surface, even what is unsee-able with the eyes, began to interest me. But this kind of subject matter was incompatible with the interests of the big city, and it had yet to fully blossom within my heart.

I spent 15 years working as a nature photographer and as a graphic designer and illustrator with my own advertising studio in NYC. Desiring to create a more nature based, simpler lifestyle, I moved out West in 1985 and soon gave up the commercial art field altogether. Working on a farm, which was also an intentional community, taught me all manner of old-timey handcrafts. This led me to originate the successful craft business, Oregon Rain Homemade Soap. If I didnít already possess the skills needed, I learned to design the recipes, the packaging and marketing. I sold to stores, mail order, at the Portland Saturday Market and on the NW craft circuit.

Then I sold the soap business and moved to New Mexico for a few years. There, I could realize my long held dream of living in a rustic cabin with no phone, electricity, or water, high up on a beautifully remote mountain. I was fully enmeshed in nature's cycles and focused on my art. Because there was no rent, I didnít have the distractions of making a financial living. I experimented with different mediums, my style and message changed and expanded as painting took me to undiscovered realms and new inner connections.

Soon after returning to Oregon, I started to sell prints to friends who approached me. I began the business of offering my art at craft shows and fairs in 1996. The booth is literally a traveling store and takes quite a bit of effort to continually recreate. I truly enjoy meeting and interacting with people who see and buy my paintings, I learn a lot from these sharings. My style continues to change, reflecting my inner transformations, with which my life is frequently punctuated!

I renovated and landscaped my cozy home, learning all of the skills needed to accomplish these creative endeavors. Behind the house a forest thrives with a stream trickling through it. My naturalistic garden is a certified wildlife habitat and I grow organic vegetables.

My Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rising-Earth-Images/232141776930633


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