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Rising Earth Images is owned by JoAutumn Brock, the primary Artist represented in its current line of products. She brings 30 years of business experience to this venture.

Even before receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, still a student, JoAutumn began her freelance graphic design, illustration and photography business. Through running her own Advertising Studio in NY for 13 years she gained expertise in many valuable areas. Desiring a lifestyle change, the artist moved to the Northwest and began the handcrafted business of Oregon Rain Homemade Soap, which was both a retail and wholesale enterprise. Within 3 years, it was successful beyond any expectations. But, the requirements of high volume hand production limited JoAutumn's creative expression. So she sold the business for a profit, which enabled her to focus her energies on painting.

Rising Earth Images was begun in 1998 because of the demand for JoAutumn's work. It quickly grew into a full time concern selling retail wall art at juried Arts & Crafts Shows and Fairs. These venues require all products to be entirely individually made by hand; this limits production capacity and makes pricing prohibitively high for wholesale. However, selling directly to the public does provide invaluable information through getting direct customer feedback. This research helps the businesswoman to decide which images and in what forms to offer for wholesale.

In 2004 JoAutumn launched the wholesale side to Rising Earth Images. Since its inception, the line of products has been rapidly expanding. Through trade shows and direct visits to stores the roster of venues carrying these products is steadily growing.

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